Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5th Ward

5th Ward, Houston Tx

January 21, 2014

  • What's up peeps! Back yet with another one, and excited because I think on this journey I had my break through, and really discovered that I had what it takes to be a really good photographer, and artist amongst the other things that I like to do. Me, Kris, our friend and photographer Temi Coker took a ride around Houston, Texas. We ended up stopping at an abandoned house that was torn down in 5th Ward Houston, Texas. We were a little sketch at first, but we scoped out the place, and figured it was safe. We started taking photos with our phones, and cameras. Right beside the house there was a fenced in field that had an opening to where we could go in. It was beautiful light, the weather was good, and it felt so right. We began snapping again, and being the adventurer, and creative person that she is Kristen told me to "Jump". It's actually becoming a regular thing that we do when the scenery is good, and the lighting is perfect. After we finished in 5th Ward we journeyed to the other side of town in The Heights at the Adickes Sculpturworx Studios. We've taken photos there before, and this time we had Temi with us, which made the adventure more sweeter. Here's a look at the photos I hope you enjoy!! Take Care, until next time.

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