Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Downtown Houston

March 23, 2014


Oh  man I can't wait to tell you about this one. I would first like to start this off by asking how are all of you and that I hope you all are doing just fine. Saturday night before I went to sleep I text messaged my buddy Lupe and asked him if he wanted to hang out. He said he was down and the next day we did such. We started off Downtown at Voodoo Queen right off of Milby St. Lupe told me that they had a special that they run on the weekends with chicken and waffles for a whopping $5. You can't be that, and might I say we had a good time chopping it up. We played music from the jukebox and snap photos as well. Made a friend with a guy named Logan which you will see in the photos. He was nice enough to let me snap some shots of him while we were hanging out. Next we ventured off down the street to go rooftop hopping to see what beautiful sights we would see. Lupe talked about how he wasn't a fan of being so high up off the ground. We made a joke up and in it we said it would be funny if you were falling from high rise building and before you hit the ground your body vaporize from the speed of the fall. Man that was funny. After that we went to Okra bar and chilled there for a minute because the bottom fell out of the sky. While we were in Okra I enjoyed a red bull and cranberry while Lupe just had a Coke on the rocks. Across the street was a car garage we went to once the sun was setting. We captured some pretty cool photos using some of there artificial light. Last but not least we topped the night off by eating at Spaghetti Wearhouse. It was so good I even got to bring Kris some home for dinner and she loved it. Here are some photos of our adventure downtown in Houston, Texas. 

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