Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Brooklyn's City Trash

March 31, 2014 


What's going on people, how are all of you today? I'm okay just got off work and decided after a long day of work I need to write, and create. Do you mind if I share my life with you. Well I hope you don't cause I'm going to share it anyway. I will start off by saying that this shoot was an amazing adventure. Woke up early to take some furniture back to Houston with Kris. She rented some items for her styled shoot which turned out amazing. I got to see the photos and they're stunning. I can honestly say that I woke up feeling like a mess, I didn't feel like myself at all. Very sleepy for some reason I'm usually energized on my days off. Ever since I moved away from Georgia I go to sleep on time. After we returned the rentals, we headed back to Baytown to return the truck and pick up the Rav. I decided to put a pep in my step and get with the program cause I knew that I would have fun if I went to the shoot she had scheduled later that day with Brooklyn. So we headed back to Houston to pick Brooklyn up and begin her session. After we picked her up we drove over to University Boulevard by Rice University to set up for the shoot. We began on the rooftop where there was awesome contrast between faded paint, and broken concrete. Brooklyn was a joy to work with. At first, she was a little nervous but who wouldn't be on their first portrait session. The thing about me and Kristen when we have sessions it's as if we're hanging out with you so it's easy for people to be themselves.You're going to see in the photos exactly what I mean. Brooklyn is a beautiful spirit, and after she told us what her profession was, we admired her even more.  

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