Saturday, May 31, 2014

Washington Day 1

Pike Place Market/Ballard Locks

May 22, 2014

  • What's up my friends, long time no here right. I hope all of you are doing well, and starting off your summer with a bang. Me and Kristen decided to take our very first getaway vacation to the Pacific Northwest. After some trouble with our flight we finally made it and man it was such a blast. I'm going start off my five to four blog post series in chronological order. The first day we arrived at our hotel in Tukwila, Washington which is about fifteen to twenty minutes outside of Seattle. I got in contact with my buddy Ted Chou who I've know for a long time now. Met him back when we were in Georgia break-dancing on the bricks with Kt, Steve, and Co. He picked us up from the hotel from where we started our Journey to our first eating spot. We ended up at Paseo which was amazing of course. Some of the best sandwiches I have ever tasted, and I'm pretty sure they would agree as well. After Paseo we headed to "Ballard Locks" which is one of Seattle's most popular tourist spots. There you can see boats come through the gate where water elevates, as well as fluctuates so that they can be even with the channel. After Ballard Locks drove downtown to Pike Place Market. Another tourist attraction, where you can even see where the first Starbucks was built. Walked to the legendary gum wall which is by far the most disgustingly amazing thing I've ever saw. The gum on the wall from all of the tourist, including myself almost looks like wax when it hardens which I thought was pretty cool. We walked some more until the sun started to set in. We left downtown and headed to Ted's job where he tatted me up. If you are in Seattle, Washington area, and you want to get some work done go see Ted Chou at Ink Illusions Tattoo. Hope you guys enjoy the photos and have a safe weekend!!

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